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Keremedchiev House

Keremedchiev House

By houseadmin in The Old Houses on 23.05.2021

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Address – Tutrakan, 39 Transmariska Str. | GPS: 44.04808, 26.60418
QR Code geo:44.04808,26.60418

The building has post-Liberation urban architecture, built in 1932 as a residential one, and the first floor for a grocery store was first built by Dimitar Keremedchiev. Dimitar was born in 1884 in Lozengrad, near Edirne, Turkey. Three brothers and one sister set off from White Sea Thrace through Plovdiv, where the sister died. The Dimitar and the others settled in Tutrakan. He traded in groceries in the shop, he bought goods from Bucharest and all of them traveled a lot. After the construction of the second floor, the family of Dimitar’s son Jordan and his wife Stefana lived in it. Jordan continued to work in the grocery store until the early 1950s – selling groceries – yogurt in bowls, cross-cut candy, but there is also a medicine stand.

The house is inherited by the family of Jordan’s son – Zlatko – Zlati / worked in the Municipality / and Penka / good seamstress – sews women’s and children’s clothes at home / Keremidchievi with their two daughters – Sonya and Juliana. After the democratic changes, the heirs who do not live in Tutrakan sold the house to the current owner.

The house has two floors, a basement and an attic. On the first floor there is a commercial site, and the second floor is intended for living. The massive terrace, built on the second floor, overlooks the main street and has a direct view of the commercial site. The building is solid brick with a dark pink color. The horizontal cornices made at the time have been preserved, but unfortunately the pre-existing medallion on the balcony, with the year of construction, has not been preserved.