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Syarov House

Syarov House

By houseadmin in The Old Houses on 24.05.2021

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Address – Tutrakan, 39 Transmariska Str. | GPS: 44.04794, 26.60396
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Built in the early XXth century, the house is known in today’s Tutrakan as the house of the lawyer Syarov, but he bought it in 1958 from his grandmother Siika Stoyanova. According to fellow citizens, she is of Romanian descent and comes from a wealthy family, and some claim to have Jewish roots (she was 70 in 1951, so she was born around 1881). The family of lawyer Todor Syarov is remembered by Tutrakans with the aristocratic appearance of his mother, grandmother Mariyka, his wife Milka Syarova and last but not least by the lawyer himself, who was among the organizers of the annual horse races (kushii) on the St. Teodor’s day, which he visited by carriage, elegantly dressed in a suit.

During the Socialism, the first floor was used as a perfume and haberdashery shop – people from Tutrakan still remember the long-standing saleswoman Valeria, whose name had become a household name – “I will buy threads from Valeria”. In 1985 the store was renovated during the “Coopvitrina-85” organized by CCU-Sofia.

The house has a yard with an area of ​​314 square meters together with a massive building built in it – a cultural monument with post-liberation architecture. Each floor has an area of ​​148 square meters. In the yard there is a cozy, shady pergola for relaxation. The whole house has been overhauled. The house consists of a first floor – office space, second floor – three rooms, each with its own bathroom and separate kitchen, third floor – three rooms with private bathroom. Large garage and large basement. The house has preserved horizontal cornices and vertical pilasters. It was built with bricks plastered with mortar. Today’s purpose of the tangible cultural property is an office building and a hotel.