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Papazyan House

Papazyan House

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Address – Tutrakan, 24 Transmariska Str. | GPS: 44.047911641932615, 26.6037582489426
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The house was built in 1920/1922 or 1928. The first owner was the family of Perus and Astik Papazyan – fabric merchants. Peruz remained a widow and closed the fabric store, and in 1959 sold the house to the family of the current owners and emigrated to America with relatives.

The building was built with post-Liberation urban architecture, massive built of baked bricks, plastered with mortar. It consists of three floors – on the road it is on two floors, and on the Danube on three. First floor, dug into the ground with a view to the north, second floor – public room / shop / with a view to the south – to the main street, and third floor – residential, with a typical terrace, which is emblematic of Tutrakan, curved windows, with decorative eaves beams, well-preserved horizontal cornices and vertical pilasters. The color is light.

Memoirs of Andrian Dionisiev – Tutrakan, born in 1945

I am not sure whether it is in it or in one of the opposite houses, but until the end of the 1950s there lived a family of Armenians who survived the Armenian genocide – the Peruz and Astik Papazyan family. Grandpa Astic didn’t like to talk much about the past, but Aunt Peruz kept teasing me when she saw me reading books: “Do you read novels? Ah, if I tell you my life, you will no longer read novels! in the vineyard and began to tell his story. Whether it was because I was still considered a “middle-class creature,” or because she teased me a lot about my novels, I was admitted to this female “circle.” When she started telling me that Armenian girl… First – the Armenians are famous as sweet talkers, and second – she told only experienced things! How, when they were pushed into the Syrian desert, all her relatives died or were killed one by one, how she survived because she was young and beautiful, just stunned, and her tormentors threw her at each other for the night. (By the way, even though she was about sixty years old, she still had the beauty she once had. She had very white and smooth skin.) Explain why she was left childless after all this… After this story and ten years later, when I already understood literature, I joked hundreds of times that I hadn’t recorded at least something!

 When Grandpa Astic died, some distant relatives from the United States took Aunt Peruz to them.