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Stanevi House

Stanevi House

By houseadmin in The Old Houses on 10.05.2021

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Address – Tutrakan, 32 Ivan Vazov Str. | GPS: 44.04852, 26.60861
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The house is massive, built in the style of “neoclassicism” in the early twentieth century. Today, friezes, beautiful cornices and medallions depicting a child’s or woman’s head with a hat and wings on them, as well as small cones for decoration are still preserved. The building is built on two floors, the first half-dug. The masonry is brick, with mortar. It is used as a public building, the rooms are high and bright. The original color has been lost over time. It needs urgent restoration.

The house was built in 1903 or 1910 in the style of “neoclassicism”, by a rich Turkish or Romanian family. The furniture in the house was delivered from Vienna along the Danube, as well as from Ruse furniture companies, most of which passed owned by the new owners together with the house.

Yosif Stanev was a merchant, liked the house and bought it in 1930. He moved to Sofia and had two children – a daughter Verginia and a son Stanimir. Bay Yosif was a merchant, he had a big shop on the main street. But after 1944, the house was taken and there was located the Tutrakan Maternity Home for some time. Yosif Stanev, being deprived of the opportunity to continue his commercial activity until old age, maintains a newspaper pavilion against the Municipality. Tutrakans remember that he was no doubt an intelligent and literate man.

After returning the property rights to the house, they rent out the first floor. The Mahmudov family and their three children, Metin, Birsen and Lerzan, temporarily lived there, and many Tutrakans remember them as educated and well-mannered people. Yosif Stanev’s son, Stanimir, graduated in literature and history at the University of Veliko Tarnovo. He lives currently in Ruse and used to be a teacher at Yordan Yovkov High School in Tutrakan and director of the school in the village of Preslavtsi.

Since the beginning of 2020, the house has new owners – a young family from Tutrakan, who want to restore it in the form in which it was and turn it into their home.