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House by the Church

House by the Church

By houseadmin in The Old Houses on 13.05.2021

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Address – Tutrakan, 19 Dimitar Blagoev Str. | GPS: 44.05072, 26.61162
QR Code geo:44.05072,26.61162

The building is located at the beginning of the Fisherman’s Quarter of Tutrakan. It is built in a typical Revival style. For the year of construction we judge from an inscription placed on the terrace made of wrought iron, located on the second floor with initials “TK 1873”. The house has no decoration, the arches of the roof structure on the east and north sides of the house are typical. The house has two floors, it does not appear that there was any commercial activity. The walls of the facade are plastered with mortar without being painted, the material from which they are made is brick, most likely plastered with mud. The windows and the door to the terrace on the second floor have been replaced, but it seems that on the first floor the windows and the door to the road are original.

Restoration activities were carried out in the period between 2005 – 2010. The roof structure has been repaired, the windows and the door to the terrace on the second floor have been replaced, the windows and the door on the first floor have been refreshed.

A notarial deed from 1958 states that the right of ownership over the real estate was given to Nedelcho and Elena Milchevi in ​​exchange as settlers from Northern Dobrudja with a decision of the Tutrakan Commission for “replacement of the city properties of the settlers from Northern Dobrudja”. This leads us to assume that the house was previously inhabited by people who moved to Romania under the Treaty of Craiova and the house became state-owned. Probably the house was divided into two and with different owners. Subsequently, part of the house was inherited by sisters Yordanka Abadjieva and Maria Stancheva, who sold it to Sofia Ilieva in 1979, and the current owner bought and merged the house in 2002.