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BSP Club House

BSP Club House

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Address – Tutrakan, 6 Suvorov Sq. | GPS: 44.05046, 26.60955
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A municipal property deed from 1997 states that the building was built in 1900 and its former owner is Maria Stoyanova Gaydardzhieva, according to her grandson’s memories the house was given in exchange for an expropriated property and probably before that housed by customs authorities in the period before 1944. There were abandoned confiscated items in the basement.

Maria’s husband – Stoyan Ivanov, Tutrakans call him Bay Stoenika, had a boat workshop over the now non-existent restaurant “Republika”. He was a very good master carpenter and furniture maker – in the homes of many Tutrakan families could be found furniture made by the skillful hands of Stoenica.

He and his wife Maria, called Mamika by everyone, had three sons – Aurel, Ivan / Yonel / and Todorel and a daughter Viktoritsa, who married Slobodan Metodiev.

Aurel – born in 1926 in Tutrakan, was chairman of the Executive Committee of the Tutrakan municipality (reciprocally as mayor) and held other administrative and party positions, worked as deputy chairman of the PKK “Narcoop”. A very good carpenter, who renewed his grandfather’s boat workshop at home. His son, Valentin Stoyanov, was a journalist on national television, covering from Bucharest the revolutionary events against the communist regime in Romania between December 16th and 22nd, 1989, and later a spokesman for President Zhelyo Zhelev.

During the socialist years, a property was exchanged and the house became state and municipal property – it was a shop, a disco, a traffic police office. In 2005 the municipality sold it to the Bulgarian Socialist Party for a club. A major renovation of the building followed in 2010, which restored and preserved it in its current form.

The building has two floors and is tightly glued to the wing with the neighboring house. The southern view is directed to the parking lot of the Ritual House of Tutrakan and is located on the second floor. There is an approach to the first in the northern direction of the building and it is only for the ground floor. After the overhaul, the joist was replaced with a concrete slab, but the facade was not changed. The roof is tiled, pitched and glued to the next house.